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This weblog is set everything vegan to expand your vegan food palette and to on the way to cook dinner Vegan food regardless of in which you are within the global.

highly spiced chinese hash browns
1 Potato
half a red Onion
2 sprigs of Shallots
2 Tablespoons highly spiced black bean sauce
1/eight teaspoon Salt to flavor
2 or three Tablespoons peanut oil.

Wash all vegetables nicely.
Slice Potatoes into skinny slices or shred.
Slice Onion into 1 inch strips.
dice up the Shallots.

positioned the peanut oil into a pan on Medium warmness and add the potatoes. make certain they don’t burn, by using transferring them around regularly.
Wait till they’re browning and add the onions and the salt.
as the onions melt add the spicy black bean sauce. stir in well.
Wait 1 minute after which add the shallots. wait 30 seconds, whilst stirring.
Take off heat and serve.