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vegan lifestyle Coaching

Vegan Lifestyle Coaching

Coaching that lets you eat Vegan desserts and vegan chocolate chip cookies all day long 🙂

Guaranteed Results

If you do not feel better if you follow my guidance on vegan food, vegan lifestyle I will return your money. Expand your vegan food palette.

Custom Plans

Too busy? You still can have a plant based diet.

Learn How To Eat Vegan Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

Covid shut my restaurant down but I can still help you embrace the vegan lifestyle. On line training is the easiest, fun, kick-ass way to reach your vegan lifestyle dreams in the recognized universe. In case you need to work out in which and when it is convenient for you (as opposed to counting on someone else’s schedule and availability), whilst getting one-on-one support and accountability out of your vegan lifestyle trainers, on line coaching is for you.


Having Trouble Finding a Vegan Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

 Being a busy vegan professional, I’d always try to find food that I can make on the go. I’d see bunch of recipes online, they all looked amazing, but realistically, I wouldn’t have the time or skill to make them, so I’ve started making the easiest ways to get the nutrients.

How I can Help

You decided to give the vegan diet a chance. And you may have even started out all gung ho with this new manner of eating. Whoo-hoo, welcome aboard!

Food Coaching

With so many vegan options available these days.

Sports Nutrition

Choose the best workouts to optimize your gym time.

Vitamins & Suppliments

Vegan supplements are safe and affordable.

Weight Loss

Eating plant diet will help you lose excess weight

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Vegan Lifestyle Doesn’t Have To Be

When it comes to education, you will locate that my website has lots so one can study, however every so often you really need to talk matters out. So, I remember the fact that sometimes nothing beats speaking with someone who cares and is familiar with precisely what you are going thru. I have been there and executed that, specifically due to the fact we have been planning our vegan plant-based vegan food regimen on the grounds.

About Amanda


Professional Vegan Lifestyle Coach 

My philosophy here is simple: you decide what you need to eat and I will help you learn how to make that happen with vegan food.

As your learn, I will be there to answer any and all questions that arise as we work together, whether for one education consultation or more

This isn’t always a cookie-cutter technique. you’re unique. And your Vegan education experience is just too.


My Approach

Although I have studied vegan nutrition and have quite a lot of experience on the lifestyle, we prefer to stick to the plant-based end of things, mostly because it’s more fun. 🙂

My Process

You’ll also have access to all my other amazing vegan clients on the team. I will offer support, tools, and motivation for implementing a vegan, plant-based diet for a healthy life.

Unique Framework

 I am here for the support and knowledge you need. I’ll help you through your exciting journey and making sure you’re on the efficient track toward a healthy, long-term vegan lifestyle. 

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Vegan Nutrition

I highly recommend Viablee for Vegan protein powders, vegan chocolate chip cookies, vegan desserts and yummy vegan chocolates!

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“My pores and skin appears great! You in reality amaze me together with your know-how, knowledge and being capable of offer me with an clean rationalization of complex vegan lifestyle.”

Mariah Lopez

Consulting with you, I felt relaxed right away. You had been very concerned with what I used to be or become no longer doing and helping me consume right as a Vegan. I felt like you had been an excellent buddy or even a member of the family.”

Larry Gheica

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My Book on Quick, Healthy Cooking at Home

I recommend this book to anyone trying to lead the vegan lifestyle. Let’s Eat Cookbook: Make Your Own Favorite Whole Food Pantry Staples (Trying Out Vegan)

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Vegan Lifestyle is the way to go. Eco-friendly, Sustainable living.

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